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Teak Maintenance

How do I care for my Teak? What kind of maintenance does it require?

Regular Cleaning for In-Shower Mats

Where can I find Teak Oil?

Will a teak mat or bench stain my marble or tile floor or walls?

Wood & Finishes

What's the difference between Plantation Teak and Burmese Teak?

Color and Age


Finish Options

What is the difference between natural and oil finish?

Can my teak be stained to a specific color?


Do you do customs?

Yes, custom orders are available from Teakworks4u

What is the difference between a stock mat and a custom mat?

Where can I see some examples of your custom work?

Accredited Customers

How do I go about ordering a custom product?

How can I order a custom sized rectangular mat?

Can I order a custom bench or an odd shaped mat?

How can I order a custom mat with angles and/or curves?

Do I need to do anything special when I'm building my shower curb to accommodate your teak mats?


What is your lead-time for custom mats?

Product Details

Bath / Shower Mats

What is the standard height of your mats?

How do you account for the slope in a shower when building mats?

How does the water drain off a mat?

What is an Interlocking Mat?


What's the difference between ADA Wall Mounted Benches and other Wall Mounted Benches?

Are there any installation requirements for your Wall Mount Benches?

Shipping, Returns & Guarantee


How much does it cost to ship a product to me?

How long does it take for a product to ship?

Does Teakworks4u ship internationally?


Do you charge a restocking fee for returns?


What is your guarantee?