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Teak Mat for Airstream Bambi Sport by Teakworks4u

Teak Shower Mat for Airstream Bambi Sport


This teak mat is specifically designed to fit the popular Airstream Bambi Sport Camper. Measuring approximately 30-1/2" x 18" it features contours for a perfect fit. Each mat is handcrafted of quality Burmese Teak.

All Teak Bath Mats from Teakworks4u are handcrafted in the USA from the finest quality Burmese Teak, all of which is harvested under strict environmental and economic requirements.

Due to the nature of these designs, the average ship time for these mats is 2 weeks. Please contact us is you need it sooner than that.

Will the mat slide or move around on the wet shower floor?

Absolutely not! The bottom of each footer features a slip-resistant, bacteria-resistant rubberized strip to keep the mat firmly in place.

Do I have to worry about mold or mildew with my in-shower mat?

While Teak is renowned worldwide for its resistance to mold, mildew and rot, soap and other impurities are not.  You may want to clean your in-shower mat at least every time you clean your bathroom to maintain its beautiful appearance. See Teak Cleaning and Maintenance for more information.

How do I maintain my in-shower teak mat?

Each time you would clean your shower/bath, lift your teak mat up, if it appears to need a cleaning, clean it.  Once your mat starts to look “shabby” clean it well, let it dry, and re-apply teak oil (TO-8).  When applying teak oil, wipe it off as soon as you have finished oiling it. Do not let the teak oil sit; it will leave a waxy finish.

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