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Infographic : Why a Teak Mat


Why Teak Infographic

Teak is rot, mold, slip resistant, so it will last for many years.  Many people buy teak mats to cover up tile they don’t like, acrylic that is slippery, or marble that is too cold, plus teak adds an immediate WOW factor to any shower.

  • Teak is low maintenance. Many people shy away from teak in the bath because they’re afraid there will be tons of maintenance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there will be some maintenance, but you’ll have that with any kind of bath mat.
  • Teak is slip resistant. As I mentioned before teak is very common on boats, and it isn’t just because of how well it can stand up to humid conditions. Since teak is grown in extremely sandy soil, silica (sand) actually grows right into the wood giving it a naturally slip-resistant surface. Additionally, when teak gets wet, its slip-resistant qualities actually become stronger. This means a teak mat not only looks amazing in your shower, but is also a safety addition that can prevent slips and falls.
  • Teak is long lasting. Teak is an exotic hardwood that has tight straight grains and is a very dense wood, which not only looks amazing, but also lasts a long time.  With minimal maintenance a teak mat can last many years, You can’t say that about most other bath mats
  • Teakworks4u Teak Mats are handcrafted. You’ve probably seen teak in a store at some point and are wondering where these are made.  Many are made overseas by machines, then shipped in bulk to different locations.  Teakworks4u teak mats are handcrafted right here in the USA. We’re a small shop so we stand behind what we make. Our products are inspected no less than three times to ensure the best product is being made, sold and shipped!
  • Teakworks4u Teak Mats can be custom made. Since no two showers are exactly the same, Teakworks4u specializes in custom-made mats in addition to our stock sizes. When you buy a teak mat from Teakworks4u, you aren’t limited to what you see in the store (or on the website). Teakworks4u can make mats that are elevated, so there isn’t the need for a step down, which is a huge safety concern, especially for elderly people. We can do custom teak shower floor mats for boats, RVs, outside spaces and more.

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