One of the most commonly asked questions we see on the Internet and hear in customer service is, “How to care for teak shower bench” And the next one is, “How often should I clean it?”

While teak is naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew, soap residue, minerals or other impurities from your water may start to form some build-up. Therefore Teakworks4u strongly recommends performing routine cleanings each time you clean your shower or bathroom or when you notice some build-up. Remember that teak has a slip-resistant surface, but a soapy build-up can compromise this, so it is important to clean the surface regularly. To keep your piece looking new, we recommend a deep cleaning at least every 3 months or more depending on use.

For a quick cleaning, apply water with a soft bristle brush (a mild soap solution can be useful as well) and lightly scrub the teak surface as well as the underside. Then rinse the teak surface with clean water and allow to air dry, or read our teak cleaning kit guide, too, for more.

Teak Cleaning Kit (TC-DELUX)For a deep cleaning, consider the Teakworks4u Teak Cleaning Kit. This kit includes everything you’ll need, including and 8oz. bottle of cleaning solution, 2 scrubbing brushes (nylon and stainless steel), 8oz. bottle of conditioning oil, an oil applicator, gloves and a rag for cleanup.  With regular cleaning, your teak products will continue to look great for many, many years. Otherwise, we recommend a commercial teak cleaner to remove any mildew or discolorations that have accumulated. These cleaners won’t strip the wood of its natural oils and non-slip characteristics. Teak cleaners are available from a variety of sources including boating supply stores, home centers or directly from Teakworks4u. You can also check out our post about how to use a teak cleaning kit effectively, too.

Weathered Teak BenchFor weathered teak that you would like to restore to its original finish, it can be done with a little work. You will need to lightly sand the piece using commercial grade sandpaper. An 80 grit sandpaper is recommended to start with and moving up in grit as desired. You will begin to notice the original teak color restored. Then remove any dust and apply teak oil to the surface.

Side By Side Comparison of Weathered and Restored TeakFor more information on cleaning/restoring your teak, check out our post: Clean & Restore Teak in 5 Easy Steps.

Teak Cleaning Infographic from Teakworks4u

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