Teak Mats for Airstream, nuCamp, Grech and Oliver Trailers

 Our partnerships now include Airstream Supply Company (Airstream Travel Trailers) , Enhanced Performance Systems (nuCamp Trailers) Grech RV and Oliver Trailers. 

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Teakworks4u has transitioned into a partnership with  Airstream Supply Company.
The redesigned Airstream official store is filled with tons of stories and products you'll love, especially a teak wood shower mat for your Airstream travel trailers! As a busy adventurer, your Airstream is often the base for a day of outdoor activity. When you return from that long hike, bike or paddle there's nothing better than a nice hot shower. Teakworks4u’s line of Airstream teak shower mats can enhance that already wonderful experience.

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Live Riveted

If you don't see an  airstream teak shower mat that fits your trailer, please contact Teakworks4u or Airstream Supply so we can work together to get more mats listed.
If you have questions regarding the website or products please contact Airstream Supply at 937-596-6111 or airstreamsupplyco@airstream.com. Or check out our teak wood bath mat for more.

Untitled          NuCamp Rv

We have also partnered with Enhanced Performance Systems, to manufacturer teak mats for select nuCamp Trailers.  We have tested and fitted mats for the T@B 300, T@B 400, and the Cirrus 820 trailers.  We hope to continue adding models as we move forward with this partnership.  Please click here Enhanced Performance Systems to purchase our teak mats through Enhanced Performance Systems.  If there is a trailer model that you wish to have a mat made for please contact them and we can get something worked out.




Oliver Travel Trailer Mat