Teakworks4u really does work for you. Our ability to take your ideas or teak designs and transform them into custom teak furniture is what sets us apart from the competition. Whether you prefer the dark rich color of oiled teak or the warm beauty of natural teak, each and every aspect of your design will be incorporated into a beautiful work of art. Your custom piece will not only be functional but will enhance any setting for many years, indoors or out! We understand that mat and bench stock sizes and shapes don’t always fit the size and shape of your bathroom. We can take any of our stock size mats or benches and make them larger or smaller. No project is too big or too small. All you need to do is contact us with your project specs and we’ll take it from there. 
Common Customized Products:
- Seat-covers:
Marble tile and other common materials used in showers can be cold to sit on, so we developed a teak seat-cover that is warmer and softer to the touch as well as a great accent piece to any shower! Built like our mats but with a framed facing our custom teak seat covers are a must have for built in benches. Simply provide us with the length and depth of the bench!
- Sink/Tub Caddies:
Caddies are the rage when it comes to sinks and bathtubs and we've had the privilege of being able to custom make a few of them. They not only look amazing but hold up to the wet conditions they find themselves in. Add a custom teak caddie to your tub or sink and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
- Outdoor Shower Mats:
Teak mats and outdoor showers are a perfect combination when it comes to beauty and practicality.  Teak is slip resistant and performs extremely well in all types of weather. If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor shower, or in the planning phase for one, make sure a teak mat is a part of it.
- Firepit Covers:
We all know fire pits are awesome when they're being used, but why not make a statement when they aren't in use by adding a teak fire pit cover? This way you can utilize the space when a fire isn't going and not worry about the wear and tare other covers get.

How to Measure for a Custom Teak MatMeasuring and Templating Tips

How to Measure for a Custom Mat

Inside Length x Width = Area of Teak

Many custom designs are variations of the stock mats we carry. 

Measuring for a Neo-Angle MatHow to Measure for a Neo Angle Mat

Inside Length x Width = Area of Teak
Measure all 5 Sides. Give measurements for A, B, C, D, E.


How to Measure for Complex Layouts

For more complex areas, a template may be needed. You can purchase the Custom Template Kit or make your own. 

How to Measure for a Custom Bench

Length x Depth x Height = Bench Size

Bench height can vary, but typically 17″ to 19″ is standard. If there is a particular design you are looking for you may want to send Teakworks4u a photo or drawing of what you want. Teakworks4u can also take any stock bench and make it larger or smaller.

For an instant mat quote for standard 4-sided mats go to Design Your Own Custom Teak Mat or check out our custom teak shower matsFor more complex designs Request a Quote or call us at 1-866-969-8325.