Handcrafted Teak Bath Products Proudly Made In The United States


Quality and craftsmanship are hallmarks of Teakworks4u products. The Teakworks4u craftsmen have years of experience in woodworking and carpentry and they take great pride in producing the finest quality teak mats and benches available today. Teakworks4u handcrafts every teak mat and bench they sell, including specially designed and ordered pieces. All of the products are also hand sanded and inspected at least two times as they go through the varies areas of our finishing department (footing, oiling, bracketing, and packaging). High quality is top of mind through each step of the way!

Our lead craftsman (Mike) has been with us since we moved the company, and he continues to build most of the customs as well as numerous standard products. He's trained each craftsman personally and accepts nothing but the best from all of them.

In fact, Teakworks4u is one of the only manufacturers of teak mats and benches that specializes in customs. The product line has been expanded to include ADA Compliant Shower Seats, many new sizes and styles of teak mats and shower benches and a full line of home, bath and marine accessories.