SKU: PTBF2-360225R

This beautiful Teak ADA shower 36" seat measures 36"L x 22-1/2"D and will be a welcome addition to any bathroom. Height Range is 17"-19"H. This right facing transfer bench has a heavy duty with stainless steel frame, swing down legs and 1-3/8" wide seat battens for comfort and spaced slightly to allow water drainage. The seat remains in raised position until you pull it down. 36" Wide Left-Hand L-Shaped Shower Seat with Drop Down Legs also available.

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  • 36" Wide x 22.5" Deep
  • Weight Capacity 550lbs
  • We use Titebond® high-quality waterproof wood glue on our products to ensure we send out the best benches possible
  • Each bench uses marine grade stainless steel screws
  • ADA Compliant Transfer Seat with Drop Down Legs