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Bathroom Renovation or Teak

Did you know that a bathroom remodel typically runs between $2,500 up to $23,000 depending on the extent of the remodel?  A simple shower renovation can run anywhere from $1,100 - $5,500. That’s a lot of money to separate with for a new look in your bathroom.  Now did you know that adding a custom or standard teak shower mat to your existing shower would only run you $100 - $1200 (depending on size, $1200 is a large shower). Teak can turn any so so, ho-hum shower into a space with a WOW factor, instantly! The beauty of teak is unquestionable, the ordering process is simple, but teak also provides a safer bathing space. You see teak has a natural slip resistant feature due to the sand/silica that is grown into it before being harvested. These elements cause teak to remain slip resistant even in the wettest conditions, preventing the ever dangerous and painful slip or fall in the bathroom.  It’s an incredible species of wood and has quickly became a highly sought-after shower product.


Bonus feature, no paying somebody for installation. Our mats simply rest on the floor on our ¼” feet, allowing water and air to pass under the mat. It’s ready to be used and installs with no tools, or experience! Considering the remodel or renovation still?  Take a little bit of time and look into our teak mats a little more. It’s a great starting point, and if you don’t like it (which hardly anyone ever does), you can always move forward with the more expensive renovation or remodel. Who knows, your wife or husband may just thank you for saving money and buying teak!

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