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ADA Teak Shower Benches and Transfer Seats

Nick Biesanz

We manufacturer/handcraft a great deal of ADA (American Disability Act) Teak Benches. The ADA requirements are based on specific spacing with in the shower, specific depths, and the ease of lowering/raising the bench. Our benches comply with the specifications and we offer them in a variety of sizes and styles, both with or without legs.


We strongly feel that many of the ADA bench offerings that are available in the market, don't necessarily fit into a person’s lifestyle and are forced upon them, purely on functionality. Some of these are products that you may not be proud to own based on an institutional look but are necessary for life.  Since our products are natural teak we're able to offer a solution that is safe, as well as beautiful and practical for different styles and designs.

Our products are made from Grade A teak as well as stainless steel and are backed by our one year warranty.  Along with top grade teak we also ensure high quality craftsmanship backed all by our top notch customer service.

Take a peek at the ADA benches we offer and shoot us an e-mail or give us a call if you have any questions.


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