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Meet Mike, Our Lead Craftsman

Mike, Teakworks4u Lead Craftsman

Here’s Mike our lead craftsman hard at work. Mike Carney’s fine woodworking craftsmanship and years of experience in carpentry and fine woodworking has led him to his role as Lead Craftsman at Teakworks4u. He feels a real sense of pride to be building something people will enjoy for many years. He has built over 500 pieces for customers and has had people rave about his work. Here are a couple testimonials from previous customers.

Customer Testimonials

I just received the custom teak shower insert. When I opened the package it was a WOW moment. When you order something sight unseen, it is definitely a leap of faith. It certainly paid off in this case as the insert fit perfectly, is crafted like we use to see American products made, and overall it is beautiful. I want to thank Mike Carney, for he really is a true “master craftsman”. If any customer is in doubt about buying your products, I’d be glad to share a real customers experience from my initial contact to receiving the finished product. It is refreshing to see that we can still produce a quality product in America. Thanks.”

-Roger, Chillicothe, IL


I have not had a chance to let you know that the outdoor shower shelf that Mike redesigned is so nice and exactly what we were looking for. The craftsmanship on the piece is perfect. I so appreciated everyone’s willingness to make it right and exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to send a sincere thank you to you all. Please let Mike know how impressed I was with his work and how happy I am with the shelf.”

-Laurel, Asheville, NC

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