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Boston Marathon and Teakworks4u

I'm sitting at my computer on the morning of a day off, checking my work e-mail, when I notice a Purchase Order from our friends at Automation Solutions for two of our Wall Mounted ADA Transfer Benches. Why is this so special? Well because the ship to address was to Adidas, located on Boylston St. Now being a sports person I recognized Adidas, and being a long time runner I knew Boylston St was part of the Boston Marathon. So I do a quick Google search and see that the store is right on the route of the Marathon. I’m pretty stoked at this point, but being a day off and my kids being on spring break we do a family activity and I don’t think much more of it. Well later that evening my wife is browsing Facebook and sees an article on Runners World for Women about a partnership store with Adidas, the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A) and Marathon Sports. The store is called the Boston Marathon RunBase and is located a few blocks from the finish line and very close to where the 2nd bomb went off in 2013. So she simply asks if this is the same store that I had mentioned our ADA seats were going into. So I quickly check the address of the store, then the address of the PO, then do it again, then check it one more time, and sure enough the addresses matched! I immediately became very excited. Now Teakworks4u has sold products to be in hotels around the US, for cruise ships, to be in Walt Disney World spas, we’ve had product placement in movies, and been part of award winning houses, however this purchase order really made me proud.

The RunBase is an Adidas Store combined with a Boston Marathon sort of museum. People can browse through the history of the Marathon, check times for any participant from any year, view different clothes, shoes, and artifacts from years past involved in the marathon, all while also shopping for Adidas products. They will even have a treadmill available with a projection screen so you can pick any part of the marathon and actually feel like you are running it. They will also offer free showers and changing rooms to anyone that wishes to use them, in an effort to allow more people to run in the city of Boston that can’t join a gym or go home to shower. That is where our Teak ADA benches will be featured!

As I mentioned I’m a long time runner, and have just always enjoyed running. I enjoy the sport, the feeling of a great run, the health benefits, and the sense of community that runners have with each other. The placement of this store close to where one of the bombs went off, makes this so much more satisfying. Although it’s not designed to be a monument, I believe people will respect it that way and will visit it to pay tribute to those that were affected by the tragedy. Running is a community event, we help each other, we cheer for each other, and we respect and understand each other, and that’s what this store is all about. So having our products placed in a store that not only has connections with Adidas and the Boston Marathon, but will be used day to day by runners puts a huge smile on my face, and makes everyone here at Teakworks4u extremely proud!

Here is some more information regarding the RunBase store:


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