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Teak blends well with different wood species & additional design elements in a room
We often get questions from people asking if we can match our teak with other wood in their bathroom. Or in general, we get asked what wood matches teak. We always say “teak is natural and we don’t have control over the variations of color and grain patterns we get in.” Not to worry; since teak does vary in color, grain pattern, and brightness it often looks great regardless, because it seems to pull in some colors from the woods around it. So really, there is no need to worry about getting an exact match.

We also hear a lot of people say ” I want a lighter wood because my bathroom is dark,” or vice versa. Since teak is a natural element we don’t have much control over the color and grain patterns in your end product, but teak will look great in a darker or brighter environment. If you are going for a lighter wood, we recommend Plantation Teak. It tends to be lighter in color than the Burmese Teak and it has more variations in color Learn more about Burmese and Plantation Teak.

Bottom Line: Teak is so versatile and can work great with any style of bathroom.

Below is proof how teak looks with other wood in the bathroom, varying degrees of brightness and additional design elements.


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