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Teakworks4u Product Pricing

We get questions from time to time regarding our pricing compared to many different teak options that are available online. We understand we are priced above many of those options but wanted to take some time to provide a better understanding of why along with some product information:

1) As you may already know all of our products are handcrafted right here in Winona MN, so you know you're getting high quality made in the USA product right from the start.

2) We pride ourselves on the highest quality of products available. Our products go through multiple rounds of quality inspection, from the builder themselves, to our sander as well as the people apply our oil and packaging the products. Each person is looking for imperfections in the wood, such as hairline cracks and dents, as well as appearance features such as excessive glue spots, missed oiled areas, or sections that may feel as though a little extra sanding is needed.

3) We utilize the highest quality heartwood teak available in both our Burmese Teak and Plantation Teak. Our Burmese teak is Grade A rated and our Plantation Teak is FEQ rated. To explain this further, a teak tree is made up of Sap Wood (outer section) mixed of sap and heartwood (middle to outer section) and Heartwood (inner most section).  The qualities that people expect from Teak (slip-resistant, rot/mold resistant, long lasting), are greater as you get towards the inner most section of teak. Again, with us utilizing only heartwood (inner most section of the teak tree), you're guaranteed the highest quality of teak available from the best section of the teak tree.

4) None of our products are mass manufactured or stained. Many products found online are mass manufactured by machines over seas, which means they are able to be made at lower costs and on a higher production level. However, with machine made products, there is limited quality inspection for both quality of wood, as well as appearance.  Some products we've sampled have been stained to make the product look darker in color or consistent throughout, where as natural teak should not be stained, and part of the beauty is the variance in coloring and grain style.

5) Our products are of the highest standard, however we back our high quality with top notch customer service. We are available via phone, chat or e-mail and have real people that will answer your questions, work with you on custom projects, assist with any problems or concerns, and will ensure your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible. Our owner, our shop manager and office manager are all available and enjoy talking on the phone with our customers. We value each and every customer from the very moment you start looking at our products.  Many of our reviews state how nice it is to work with the wonderful people at Teakworks4u.

The topics discussed above are mentioned simply to provide you with an insight into why pricing may vary from site to site. We respect all our competitors and appreciate any other manufacturer of teak products as we all help spread the knowledge of how wonderful teak is. Please contact us if you have further questions about us or our products.  We look forward to working with you soon!


Barbara Militello :

First of all, I have to thank you for making the past 12 years of my life more manageable. I have had Multiple Sclerosis since I was 21. I am now 72. It has been exceedingly difficult for me to shower. Eventually, it was necessary for me to remodel my bathroom. I purchased a teak fold down bench that I discovered online on your company website.
Now my needs are more challenging. I need a new L-shaped bench which is deeper in depth and made for my specifications.
Please advise me of how you can make this happen!!

With much regard,
Barbara Militello

Sep 15, 2023

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