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Customer Creativity

Our customers are so creative with the products that we handcraft here in the USA. While most of our products are intended to be used in showers, steam rooms, sauna's and other humid environments, our customers have been providing us with photos of creative ways they've utilized our products.  We love receiving photos of our customer projects, but really enjoy viewing photos of our products being used in unconventional but practical uses!

Folding Brackets used for an outdoor folding window shelf:

Custom Shelf with our folding brackets used outside under a window. This provides the customer with a shelf that can be folded out of the way, but lifted up when needed.

The example above shows how a customer utilized the folding brackets we have for our folding wall mounted shower benches, but had us build a folding shelf for outside! This way there is more space for drinks, decorations, food, candles, bug repellent when guests are over, but folds down flat when not needed.  So smart!

Sprucing up a window sill:

Small teak insert for sprucing up a window sill.

This customer had a window in the bathroom that they wanted to spruce up a little bit, and be able to utilize it better.  So we built a small piece that was able to be added right on top of the existing window sill.  It sure makes the window pop, and adds such beauty to the entire space.

Folding benches for foyers, mudrooms, or small entryways:

Folding wall mount bench mounted at the bottom of stairs by a door to use as a seat to put on or take off shoes.

This customer mounted our TBF-17W at the bottom of their stairs in their foyer to be used as a place to put on or take off shoes.  They didn't have enough space for a stand alone bench and with this bench folding flat it makes perfect sense here! Well played, and very creative!

Wall Mounted Folding bench placed in laundry/mudroom to be used for extra folding space, or to put on and take off shoes.

Like the photo above, this customer utilized our TBF-30W in their laundry/mudroom to be used as a folding bench/shelf. Now they have perfect spot to put on or take off their shoes, as well as some additional space for folding clothes if needed.  It folds out of the way when not needed so it doesn't interfere with the washer/dryer.  Excellent work on creativity!


Wall Mounted ADA Bench behind bathroom door:

Wall Mounted ADA bench folded up behind bathroom door. The bench fits behind the door no problem when the door is open, but when closed, the bench can be folded down. This allowed the customer a safe spot to sit down and get dryed off and dressed after showering.   

This customer let us know that they utilized our Wall Mounted ADA bench behind their bathroom door. This way when the the bench was folded up, the door could be opened no problem.  With the door closed the bench could be folded into a seated. This was creative, but also necessary as the customer wanted a safe bench to dry off and get dressed after showering. This is one of our favorite and unconventional uses of our products!

Shelf/desktop for outdoor patio chair:

Use of our TBS-30 shelf for an outside chair. Hooks onto the arms of the chair to provide a shelf/desktop while sitting in the chair.

This customer utilized our TBS-30 style with custom sizing to create a shelf/desktop that attaches the outdoor furniture. This allows the user to have space for a laptop/tablet, or if their isn't enough table space when guests are over. Extremely creative and very practical.

Once again, we love how creative our customers can get, and we love being able to help them turn an idea into a reality. Please send us photos of any use of our products conventional or not!  This was just our time to give a round of applause and appreciation to those customers that found a different way to use our products. Keep those ideas coming!

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