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Employee Product Highlights, Picks

Much like a server at a restaurant we often get asked what's our favorite dish (well product in our case), so we wanted to share some of our employee favorites with everyone.  

Nick (Operations Manager) - 

Nick's favorite item is the mini corner bench (TBC-1712S) due to it's small size and potential use in any room in your house. The size is big enough to use as a foot rest or for storing your bathroom items (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc), while not impeding on necessary space. It's just the perfect little bench that can add beauty and practicality to every shower.

Mike (Shop Manager/Lead Craftsman) -

Mike's product pick is one of our fold down wall mount benches, the TBF-24W is actually our TOP SELLING product.  He likes the way they look by folding down and showing the teak, and how they can be used anywhere in your house, not just in your shower. The space saving ability to fold flat when not in use is another reason these are on the top of his list.  As far as building products goes, Mike enjoys building the numerous different custom items that are requested.

Amber (Office Manager) -

Amber's pick is one of our retired products (which you can still order by calling in) the TB-42183 Backless Bench.  She loves the use of our widest boards for the bench top and the design of the legs. Amber strongly believes this is our prettiest bench.  With a weight capacity of over 500lbs, this bench is strong and beautiful.

Office Team -

Our office team decided that our teak mats are pretty awesome as they add beauty and safety to any slippery surface such as a shower or bathroom floor. With numerous sizes and design options (including customs) our teak bath mats are a fit for everyone. Our employees don't just use the bath mats in the shower, some have placed them outside a cat litter box to help contain sand spreading throughout the house. 


Builders -

Our building team had a variety of choices with many liking our TB-3014HD Rigid Bench due to the design and weight capacity (500lbs).  Still light enough to move on your own, but offer a shelf for storage and plenty of space for sitting. One builder however stated that his favorite product to build is our TBC-3022 Corner Bench, since he gets to use many of the different skills needed to build it. It's a nice bench overall and enjoyable to build.


Production Team -

Based on product looks, our production team mentioned our Slotted Rigid Bench as their favorite product (TB-37514SRB), stating that the design is sleek and the overall product is very appealing.  This bench is durable and perfect for inside and outside use.

Honorable Mention

With the many different styles and sizes available, I believe our ADA Benches were simply overlooked as a favorite because it's just so common to see them being built and sold. As one of our fastest growing items being sold our ADA benches offer accessibility, meet all ADA compliance requirements, and beauty all in one. We love our ADA benches because the teak top really takes away the institutional and sterile look other ADA benches can have, and brings a spa like high class look to any bathroom or shower needing an ADA style bench. 


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