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Interior design tips, ideas and products at The Spruce

Nick Biesanz

We always love when designers and blogs recommend using our teak products for updates in any area of the house.  Last July www.thespruce.com provided a great post about beautifying small bathrooms. I can save you a click and tell you that one of the ideas is adding a sophisticated handcrafted teak mat to cover up a stained or outdated floor. Teak works perfectly in humid and wet conditions because it’s water resistant as well as slip resistant. In fact many people purchase our products to add a spa like feel to any space.

Here is the article in full, The Spruce is a very well-organized blog, with tons of extremely valuable interior design ideas, articles and products. https://www.thespruce.com/beautify-a-small-bathroom-without-remodeling-4016600

Thanks @thespruce for mentioning Teakworks4u!!!

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