Bathroom Safety Tips | Shower Safety Tips | Teakworks4u
  1. Help prevent chances of injury with a slip resistant surface on your bathroom floor. A teak mat is naturally slip resistant, beautiful and comfortable to stand on. Place one inside and outside of the shower to reduce the risk of slipping on wet tile or laminate.
  2. If you need seating in your bathroom, avoid using plastic stools or chairs. A sturdy teak bench will be much safer and will not deteriorate in wet conditions.
  3. If you have difficulty getting in and out of the shower or bath, you may want to build a barrier-free bathroom, which includes an ADA compliant bench. Most of the ADA compliant benches today have an institutional look, but at Teakworks4u we offer a huge line of beautiful Teak benches that meet or exceed the guidelines set in the American Disabilities Act.
  4. If you already have teak in your bathroom, Teakworks4u strongly recommends performing routine cleanings each time you clean your shower or bathroom, or when you notice some build-up. Remember that teak has a slip-resistant surface, but a soapy build-up can compromise this, so it is important to clean the surface regularly. Read our interior design tips for additional information.

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