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Why Teak is Gaining Such Popularity

Many designers, architects, home owners come to us asking about the benefits of teak for the bathroom. Well for starters, it looks warm and inviting. It gives any area the spa like feel, or if you are going for rustic look, it does that too. Here are some other reasons why Teak is such a great choice for your next bathroom remodel.

Teak is Long Lasting
Shipbuilders have used Teak for centuries because it stands up to constant exposure to the elements, including water, wind, and sun. Just as it withstands the ravages of the sea, teak will stand up strong to daily and often multiple uses in the shower.

Teak is Slip Resistant
The Soil in which teak grows has a high silica content which becomes embedded in the wood as it grows. The silica, or sand content, gives teak a naturally slip-resistant surface.

Teak is Economical
Because teak has such a long life, you won’t need to replace it like you would a regular bath mat. With proper maintenance, it should last a lifetime. Plus teak is an inexpensive upgrade compared to replacing a whole shower floor

Shed Architecture Photo of Teak Mat




All your statements are true. It’s very helpful to choose Teak furniture. Thanks for sharing this blog.

Jun 26, 2020

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