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Teak for Airstream

Teakworks4u LLC

Mats for Airstreams are a popular item right now. Not only do they give the bathroom area an immediate spa like feeling, but they are also a safety feature.  Teak offers slip resistant qualities, which will help prevent falls on common slippery acrylic floors.  Make your Airstream stand out by adding the beauty of natural teak!

With all the renovations of Airstreams these days, we’ve been asked whether or not we have templates available.  Though we only have templates for the  2014 Interstate Twin, Airstream 27FB, and the Airstream 22FB Sport models right now, creating a template is easy. With our template instructions we will be able to create a mat for your Airstream!

Depending on the type of renovation you are doing, your Airstream may not even require a template like the one for this 1970 Airstream Sovereign of the Road 31’.A 36″x 30″ Plantation Teak Mat was used. You can view more details and photos of this Airstream Renovation by Hofmann Architecture.  They do some amazing work!

Airstream and Teakworks4u, a match made in heaven

Custom Teak Mats for the Airstream bath are easy.

Teakworks4u in an Airstream trailer

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